Game Setup - 7/12
Shopping for Servants

Due to lack of players, we took a brief backward time hop to a few days before Kamus’s people found the catacombs. This allowed Nightshade and Link to spend a few days poking around the city and buying (or lying their way into) a variety of things including commissioning the capture of a tiger, building a house, and contracting 20-some household servants and four waitstaff for the bar.

GM to-do list:

  • Map the Queen Bee.
  • Map Morganna’s house.
  • Map Link and Kittrick’s house.

Additional notes:
Link’s burglars collect 7gp in burgled goods in the three days he employs them.

Game Setup - 6/28
More Delving with Dwarves

When our last session ended, the party had completed routing the orcs. During the battle, one of the half-orcs retreated to collect another who had fallen and the party members who speak orc heard him say, “I’m not leaving our sister.” Just as these half-orcs were retreating, Link and John arrived from around the back way and menaced them. John in particular seemed extremely aggressive about them and refused to let them walk past or escape. John and Link alternated attacking the half-orcs and trying to help them escape intact, an inconsistent pattern that was enough to make the half-orcs very wary of their party.

After collecting what booty was left in the orcs’ room, Rygor and Elijah discovered a room full of dwarven corpses. Much to Rygor’s delight, they are still fresh enough to be raised as zombies, just as the three he collected from the previous battle.

Beyond this room, the party (Elijah, who had returned to investigate the half-orcs) came upon another baby dragon, this one emerald green and sleeping on a much more sizable hoard than Feffenpooper’s. This wyrmling showed herself to be much more selfish and miserly than Feff, both demanding her hoard items returned when stolen and trying to claim that all items belonged to her, if they had value. When pushed too far, she attacked Link while demanding, “Give me my gems! Give them to me! They’re all mine.”

Also as a side note: John revealed to the party that he can talk and cast spells.

Game Setup
Of Dragons and Orcs

At the end of the last session, our intrepid heroes had decided to delve deeper into the catacombs under Kamus’s bar. Feffenpooper had asked the party to ‘tidy’ his spare room of its old torture devices, which Gnok commissioned a team of laborers with removing and hauling them to the site of his tea house.

After considerable discussion, Kittrick and Aisha stayed behind with Feff while John continued on with the rest of the party. They explored several rooms, but didn’t have any major action until Link poked his head into a room full of orcs who appear to have taken refuge in this room. Link wisely backed out of the room as fast as he could before preparing to sneak down the raised platform and across the side of the room, keeping to the shadows. He managed to pocket three bags from the orcs’ treasure pile and sneaked back across the room without detection.

Or it would have been without detection if Gnok hadn’t used that moment to step out onto the platform and taunt the orcs. While Nightshade was sneaking down for more treasure and Link was sneaking up to safety, the orc initiated battle, which continued for six rounds. At the end of six rounds, Link and John had retreated and circled around to the other side of the room (after dropping some of the potions with Aisha for identification). Nightshade and Elijah were both badly wounded at the end of the session, while several of the orcs have been killed or frightened into retreating due to Gnok’s excellent intimidation rolls and jitterbug spell. There are two orcs still determined to kill somebody, while four have retreated toward the other exit from the room, towards which John and Link will arrive at the beginning of tonight’s session.

5/24/17 - Game Setup
Deep in the Dungeon

At the end of the last session, the party was sitting down to dinner with Feffenpooper, the baby copper dragon and his apparent caretaker, a brown-and-white border collie named John. Feff has explained that while he knows his own rooms fairly well, his parents have forbidden him from leaving them.

Feff also directs the party to the southern entrance of his second room, which leads to a dismal space filled with devices of torture. “I really want to play in here, but the metal stuff is scary. Can you get rid of it? I’ll share shinies.” In short, if the party removes or disposes of the torture devices and cleans up the room to Feff’s satisfaction, he’ll share treasure out of his hoard.

Feff offers the party to use his rooms as a base of operations while they’re exploring the rest of the dungeon. They may sleep, eat, and store treasure here. He also suggests that they could take John with them, since he “knows all the traps and stuff.” John does not look pleased to be offered up in this way, but will accompany the party if they want him.

Setup for Game
May Session

At the end of the previous session, the party had agreed to run errands and do jobs for Kamus as requested.

Several days have passed since their last run-in with Trevor and they have been doing their own things in that span of time. Link (Cayden) has picked up an eight-year-old catfolk child whose name is Kittrick. He doesn’t seem to speak Common, though it’s hard to tell if he doesn’t understand directions or he’s just willfully ignoring them.

The Queen Bee, Nightshade’s tavern, is almost finished being renovated and should be ready to open in a few more days, just in time for the end of the work cycle. Likewise, Gnok’s tea house is ready to open. Kamus has assigned doormen for the Queen Bee and two desk clerks and a baker for the tea house which will allow the proprietors to accompany the party on missions.

Things have been quiet on the Trevor front. No one has seen or heard from him in several days, much to Kamus’s relief. But they say silence is golden, unless you have children or cats and Trevor manages to combine the worst aspects of both.

Early one afternoon, a messenger from Kamus finds each member of the party and tells them that Kamus wants to talk to them about a mission. He’ll expect them at the Flame Forsaken at lunchtime.

Setup For Game
New session, New town

At the end of the previous session, we saw Rygor sprinting off into the distance to pursue Trevor after the burning of the Flame Forsaken. Gnok sent one of his giant bees to assist.

In the time between now and previous session, Nightshade has purchased several lovely dresses (not even on credit!) and Gnok has spent some time wandering around the city, meeting people. Rygor, on the other hand, appears to have died.

Gnok’s bee arrives in a frantic hurry, buzzing around and plucking at Gnok’s shoulder and tunic, refusing to be ignored. It’s almost a Lassie situation, so one can safely assume that Rygor is down the well. Whoever follows the panicking bee will find Rygor sprawled in an alley, beaten within an inch of his life and unconscious. His masterwork dagger is also missing.

Session #13 - Carnival
Seri's Meditations

Calendar Note: Spring 10

Sandpoint is always good for business. We have been here a few days now and most of the vendors are talking about needing to resupply in one of the bigger cities soon.

The cards did a number on me again. They called out a young adventurer yesterday and then spoke actively to the rest of her party again today. It is a little unnerving when prophecy comes forth from me, but there it is. I see a lot of darkness in the future for this group, as well as a lot of darkness in their past. I had read the dwarf on our first night here and she showed great appreciation for Branson’s taste in liquor. Only a small consolation for him, since I made him give her some of the good stuff after a stressful reading.

The townsfolk and wandering adventurers all seemed to enjoy our offerings again this year. The bottle knock isn’t doing very well and Marit thinks it’s because other shows have been rigging the games. The fact that ours AREN’T rigged doesn’t seem to matter: the set-up smells to potential players, so we may have to find a different variety of games for the next time we come through. Discouraging.

I like Sandpoint. I wish we could spend more time here, but the road calls and, no matter how friendly Enendin and Orevel are, there is still prejudice towards the half-orcs and other misfits among our band. Gaiana seemed to have particular trouble this year and my heart hurts for that sweet girl. She looks so formidable and she could easily snap a lesser man in half, but she loves with her whole heart. She’d make someone a good wife someday, if she finds the right man (or woman!).

((Anyone who reads this and can tell me the name of the strongwoman (Gaiana) mentioned above gets a 100exp or 50gp bonus at game.))

Session #12 - Of Fire and Avatars
Zea's Journal

Calendar Notes: Spring 8-9

Holy Rainbow Feathers.

Against my better judgement, I went along with the very random crew that keeps adventuring out of Sandpoint. Adventuring! They’re suicidal. All of them.

I let myself be swayed by pretty words again. I thought I knew better, after everything I’ve been through, but it seemed like there was something there, some hope that beauty could win. It lasted all of five seconds when he changed his mind. I should know better than to consider relationships with humans more than a fleeting thing. They always seem to be in such a hurry! Especially the men.

But they’d taken a contract with Clark Company mining to eliminate the goblins who have been harassing their caravans. They convinced me to come along. Lem in particular was quite comforting, though I doubt highly that a half-orc would be much better than a human when it comes to holding the course. He’ll see something pretty and shiny along the road and forget me, just like Rygor. Just like Benjamin.

The goblins really did a number on the last Clark Company wagon. There wasn’t anything left, utterly torched. We tracked them back to their cave and engaged them in what ended up being a protracted battle. They threw fire bombs and even exploded their own kegs of flash powder into pools of oil, sometimes killing themselves. We all were injured at some point, but between myself, Nightshade, and Arberitha, we managed to keep everyone on their feet. Arberitha climbed up the wall to capture the goblin we had been hired to stop and we all managed to escape when Nightshade’s call to Gorum was answered in spectacular fashion! I suppose it pays to have the god of war on your side sometimes, especially when beauty and peace don’t speak to your enemies.

We turned the goblin, one Dalgrot by name, over to Aisha. I’m really uncomfortable with this, since she’s agreed to pay us for the number of days Dalgrot survives her tortures. Aisha and I have never really gotten along, but this is more overt of her than usual. It’s like a greasy feeling is crawling over town and I’m worried that things will get worse before they get better.

Maybe I can visit Aisha alone later and convince her to let him go without killing him.

((Anyone who reads this can choose a 50gp or 100exp bonus. Comment below with your choice.))

Session #11 - Abadar Preserve Us
Accounting of Captain Orevel

Calendar Notes: Cycle Spring 8

I’m appealing to the god of Order. The god of Civilization and Law. Make my spine straight and give me patience for the chaos around me. Grant me the grace and judgement to face these tribulations called “adventurers.”

Rygor, Lem, and Nightshade have had adventures in town. I am at my wits’ end cleaning up after these three. Nightshade apparently got drunk enough to cause a nuisance of herself to Enenden at the Steel Sorcerer while Lem repeatedly talked to the clockwork. Rygor embarrassed Sybil for her past crimes (which she has discharged in good faith, poor girl) and they all very nearly got themselves removed. I feel particularly bad for Shanan, who apparently was just on the receiving end of some bad luck: she broke that oily contraption of hers trying to show off for Rygor. Enenden said her expression was priceless, though.

They also visited Charles Reeves at the Bursar’s office, which is when I first got wind of their escapades. He’s not exactly my favorite person, but nobody deserves to have a weasel thrown at their heads, nor a knife waved at them. I ran into them—quite literally—as they were fleeing that fiasco and Rygor tried to minstrel his way out of trouble. They are such an odd bunch that I let them go with a warning. But this can’t keep going on. I don’t think this town can survive.

The only person I know who is currently happy with these three is Feuri. He has been whining and complaining for months about having nothing challenging to do and how small-minded everyone in this town is. To his delight, Lem and Rygor got the idea to put armor on the dog. There was some discussion (mostly on Rygor’s side) of dying it pink, but I can’t see Staga being terribly keen on dying dog-armor pink. Feuri was very animated over drinks about all of this, detailing to me how much harder it would be to work the joints and seams in armor so small, while still making it light enough to not overburden the dog. He’s very excited, which is a relief for me. I’d rather have a mead with a happy dwarf than a sulky one.

((NOTE: Anyone who reads this and comments below will gain a bonus of either 100gp in game or 50exp.))

Sessions #9-10 - Various
Or dungeons, birds and bees.

Calendar Notes: Spring 8

On behalf of Saranrae, I accompanied those maniacs back underground today. They finished mapping the first floor of the catacombs and it appears there’s a second floor and possibly more. Goody.

I’m not sure if I should continue to accompany them. I’m concerned by the raising of the undead and the general chaos of the group at large. They’re barely restrained and it’s beyond my abilities to even consider reining them back in.

I shall pray upon this matter.

Respectfully submitted,
Thelga Sunshammer
Priestess Acolyte of Saranrae

Calendar Notes: Spring 9

BOYS SUCK. — Graffiti found on the side of the Steel Sorcerer

“Thanks be to Shelyn, our Beautiful Lady. I am a journeyman blacksmith, by Her blessing. My thanks also to Zea for her ceremony. Please find enclosed my gratitude gift.” — note to the temple of Shelyn, enclosed with 3gp

Goblin attacks are being looked into. Keep an eye on the roads. — In-house memo


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