Game Setup

Of Dragons and Orcs

At the end of the last session, our intrepid heroes had decided to delve deeper into the catacombs under Kamus’s bar. Feffenpooper had asked the party to ‘tidy’ his spare room of its old torture devices, which Gnok commissioned a team of laborers with removing and hauling them to the site of his tea house.

After considerable discussion, Kittrick and Aisha stayed behind with Feff while John continued on with the rest of the party. They explored several rooms, but didn’t have any major action until Link poked his head into a room full of orcs who appear to have taken refuge in this room. Link wisely backed out of the room as fast as he could before preparing to sneak down the raised platform and across the side of the room, keeping to the shadows. He managed to pocket three bags from the orcs’ treasure pile and sneaked back across the room without detection.

Or it would have been without detection if Gnok hadn’t used that moment to step out onto the platform and taunt the orcs. While Nightshade was sneaking down for more treasure and Link was sneaking up to safety, the orc initiated battle, which continued for six rounds. At the end of six rounds, Link and John had retreated and circled around to the other side of the room (after dropping some of the potions with Aisha for identification). Nightshade and Elijah were both badly wounded at the end of the session, while several of the orcs have been killed or frightened into retreating due to Gnok’s excellent intimidation rolls and jitterbug spell. There are two orcs still determined to kill somebody, while four have retreated toward the other exit from the room, towards which John and Link will arrive at the beginning of tonight’s session.


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