The Fox's

The Fox’s is a single-story building off one of the main sidestreets in downtown Sandpoint. It serves as the armory for locals and adventurers alike. The Fox’s is the primary source for non-magical weapons and armor in Sandpoint.

The main entrance is a heavy wooden door with a bell above it. When customers enter, the bell rings and a dwarven man pops in from the back room. He is almost as wide as he is tall and is missing his left eye. This is Feuri Ivansson, the local blacksmith and armor seller. His wares range around the shop on armor stands and weapons racks made of sturdy oak.

Feuri is capable of making all simple and martial weapons and most armors. There are a few exotic weapons and armors available as well. These are resales from adventurers’ treasure hoards.

Current Exotic stock:

  • Cold Iron Warhammers (x2) – 24gp each
  • Cold Iron Longswords (x6) – 30gp each
  • Heavy Iron shield (sized for large creature) – 35gp
  • Double Walking Stick Katana – 250gp
  • Mithril Handaxe – 306gp
  • Mithril Lance – 510gp
  • Adamant Trident (x2) – 3,015gp each
  • Darkleaf Leather Armor – 360gp
  • Eel Hide Leather Armor – 1,210gp
  • Tatami-Do – 1,000gp
  • Stoneplate – 3,600gp

The Fox's

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